Milly Printed Valerie Dress

Blogger Mary Krosnjar wearing Milly Printed Valerie Dress and Distressed denim jacket
Blogger Mary Krosnjar wearing B.P. mirrored sunglasses and Opening Ceremony Palm Print Backpack
Hello friends from sunny Bogota! We have spent the last few days exploring this beautiful, colorful city! I’ve never ventured to the South America so we were super excited prepping for this trip! We spent the first day walking around Bogota making our way through every house in the city! We walked up to Mount Monsserante and took in views of the entire city! For an easy day around this city, I wore this GORGEOUS printed Milly Printed Valerie Dress from Rent the Runway – nothing says spring break better than a patterned maxi dress!

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Blogger Mary Krosnjar wearing Milly Printed Valerie Dress and distressed denim jacket
Blogger Mary Krosnjar wearing B.P. mirrored sunglasses and Oscar de la Renta earrings
Bogota is sun a beautiful city filled with such rich culture and color! Brian and I are coffee snobs and love researching the best local coffee shops and trying local blends. Columbia is the mecca of coffee so we have been itching with anticipation to try some local Columbian blends. Yesterday we tried Libertaio Coffee – one latte had me ready for the day!

Today we are headed about an hour outside of the city for a waterfall hiking trip! Along the way we will get to visit a few small towns and check out the local markets! Be sure to follow along on InstaStories for live updates on the trip and shopable posts!

Blogger Mary Krosnjar wearing Milly Printed Valerie Dress and Stan Smith Adidas sneakers
Blogger Mary Krosnjar wearing distressed denim jacket and B.P. mirrored sunglasses
Ok let’s get back to this dress shall we? While shopping on Rent the Runway for some vacation pieces, I stumbled across this GORGEOUS printed Milly Printed Valerie Dress! The hi-low cut makes it easy to pair with sneakers making it even easier for a long day of walking around the city! I love mixing causal and dressy pieces – it gives everything a little bit of versatility.

Milly Printed Valerie Dress c/o –  Love this printed dress from Rent the Runway! It’s perfect for spring!

Opening Ceremony Backpack c/o – This backpack is made of THE most perfect print!

Distressed Denim Jacket – I never leave home without this jacket! It’s great for travel!

Stan Smith Sneakers – These shoes are the peanut butter to my jelly when it comes to traveling!

 Mirrored Sunglasses – Love these sunnies and they are only $12!

Oscar De La Renta Earrings c/o – My first time wearing earrings and I loved it!

Blogger Mary Krosnjar Columbia Travel tip and travel fashion
Blogger Mary Krosnjar wearing Milly Printed Valerie Dress and Opening Ceremony Palm Print Backpack
Adding accessories to the look was the fun part – ok, confession, I don’t have pierced ears so these are my “first” pair of earrings! Ha, yes , they are clip-ons, but I couldn’t resist them, plus I have FOMO of these dangling earrings. These sunglasses were a purchase from Nordstrom earlier this week and are only $12!! Be sure to shop them here!

For some final touches, I layered this distressed denim jacket over the dress. Sure it’s March, but it’s a little chilly in Bogota! This jacket has come in handy for any season and it’s worth the $60! Finally, this backpack from Rent the Runway might be one of my favorite rentals yet! How gorgeous is this print!! Backpacks are always great for traveling – I’m able to include all my “mom” things for us while we are out and about, and my DSLR!

Blogger Mary Krosnjar Opening Ceremony Printed Backpack and Stan Smith Adidas sneaker
Blogger Mary Krosnjar wearing a Rent the Runway look and Stan Smith Adidas sneakers

Be sure to follow along on Instagram for updates on our trip! Happy Friday! Thank you to Rent the Runway for providing product for this post!


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Milly Printed Dress | Opening Ceremony Backpack | Distressed Denim Jacket | Stan Smith Sneakers

 Mirrored Sunglasses | Oscar De La Renta Earrings


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  1. You are so cute girl and you are one busy woman!! I love this dress and with your distressed denim jacket!! I hope you have the best time in Columbia and I can’t wait to hear all about it, it’s on my bucket list to go to Bogota! 🙂

    xo, Sarah

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