Hair Jewels With Dottie and Rose

Welcome back Friday, I missed you! Who is excited for the weekend – meeeeeee! I’m looking forward to keeping my laptop shut and spending some quality time with my love. Later tonight I’m heading to my first Chicago Soul Cycle class. I’ve been envious of every New Yorker and Californian that’s had Soul Cycle at their diaposal – welp, on Tuesday Soul Cycle opened it’s first gym in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood. I’m going with 6 of my girlfriends to ride and rage – consider it our Friday happy hour! I may wake up the next day with a sore crotch, but it will be worth it! More to come….
Today I’m going a little out of my comfort zone to share some great hair styles for spring, and how to style them. Say what? Styling a hair style? Yes, you read that correctly. Dottie & Rose is changing the way we wear our hair with their amazing hair jewels. With the winter months behind us, it’s time to put those winter hats in storage and freshen those lovely locks, with some bling – they are such a fun alternative for the warmer months and the perfect accessory for wedding season. Check out some of my favorite spring hair styles and how I “styled” them. To learn more about Dottie & Rose, see the rest of their collection here. 
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 If you are someone that is constantly on the go, and straight hair is your go-to, like me, this is the perfect way to spice up that 9 – 5pm hair for a night out. Add a little Moroccan Oil to your hair for some shine, and to get those pesky broken hairs that won’t let you live in peace 🙂 Add this amazing headband and you have completely transformed your look to something sleek and sexy. It’s a one, two easy fix!

Do you ever have those mornings where you wake up and you have zero energy to make something happen with you hair? You washed it the day prior and it’s doing something funky so you can’t wear it down, but you don’t want to surrender and put it up. Ringing a bell? Well this happened to me not to long and I thought, “why not revisit the half-pony?” Well, everything is cyclical and I’m bringing it back with a twist. Ok so, you put your thumbs at the top of your ears and draw them to the back of your head, while taking your hair with you. Comb your fingers through your hair from the crown to the back so that there isn’t a part in your hair. twist the hair in the back, just enough so that the loose ends are tucked. Secure it with a few bobby pins and then add this perfect poodle pin for an accessory.


I’m always struggling to find a go-to hair style to wear to weddings – something I wouldn’t wear everyday, but that doesn’t look like I’m going to a high school dance. You feel me? I’m a big fan of the Grecian-look, and it’s even easier to create – check out my tutorial here! I added a glitzy twist to this Grecian inspired look, with this gorgeous hair comb. It the fastest way to take the hair style from wedding casual to black tie. Try it and thank me later 🙂

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