DIY – Leather Wallet

Every sport fan needs two hands and one shouldn’t be for your purse 🙂 Since there are so many rules and regulations around allowed bags in stadiums, I’ve tried to beat the system while still looking good, and making a statement. This holiday season, make your friends a leather wallet that fits all your necessities with only a few steps. A DIY project every sport fan will covet! The gift that just keeps on giving. 
Happy Friday!
(1) Square Foot of Leather
Pattern for the wallet – If you need it, email me!
(1) Button stud screw back (Look for this was like searching for the holy grail, but I found it for you, don’t worry)
Leather hole punch
Heavy duty scissors
Sharpie for tracing

Start with the three sides you will clasp together. Do the flap last. The hole in the flap will depend on the size of the button stud. I used an 8mm. 


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