Take the stress out of the holidays with Marshalls

Take the stress out of the holidays with Marshalls and Chicago Fashion BloggerIt feels like everything is coming to a head with holiday planning in full swing, OMG Christmas in days! Around this time of year I feel like we are constantly in a state of, crazy, motion and can’t find the time to slow down and unwind to actually enjoy the season! Every year when the holidays roll around, I always look back and think, I wish I would have taken two seconds to myself to enjoy them! Anyone else feel that way? So today I’m sharing a few ways you can take the stress out of the holidays with Marshalls.

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Take the stress out of the holidays with Marshalls and silk pajamas
silk pajamas and cozy sweaters

Dress cozy for a mini vacation

This year we decided to take a quick trip to Scotland before the holiday madness. We don’t travel for Thanksgiving so it was a good excuse to pack up our bags and head somewhere fun. A few years back we spent 36 hours in Edinburgh and didn’t get enough of it, so we went back! We kept the itinerary easy and left lots of time open for reading by a cozy fire – sure, we traveled a long way to do that, but it’s also nice to travel somewhere and just relax. Since the weather is REALLY chilly in Scotland, I needed something warm and cozy that I could get multiple use out of (because my boyfriend made me pack a carry-on). This Ella Moss cardigan (originally $300) was the perfect find for $59.99! I wore it on the plane, at night with my pjs and to add as an extra layer to some of my day looks. The sweater has a great texture for both every day and sleepwear. holiday cookie recipes and chicago fashion blogger

Treat yourself to luxurious sleepwear

I’m a BIG pajama person – I love matching pajama sets and have a space in my closet dedicated to them. I picked up this BEAUTIFUL neutral striped silk pajamas set from Marshalls – there is nothing better than slipping on a pair of silky pjs. The holidays are the one time of year where we spend a lot of time in our pajamas, so why not treat yourself with a pair of silky pjs. It’s a pajama state-of-mind. I found this set at Marshalls for $24.99 compared to $99.99 at most department stores! I love it when I find a surprisingly good deal! Not only are they are a great buy for you, but a great gift purchase for friends and family!

Take the stress out of the holidays with Marshalls and cozy cardigan
pom pom slippers and silk pajamas
Take the stress out of the holidays with Marshalls and chicago fashion blogger

Take the stress out of the holidays

With the holidays come joy, happiness and freaking stress. I don’t know about you, but when I’m stressing out, all visible signs are right on my face! To remedy any pre-holiday facial stressors, I headed straight to the beauty aisle at Marshalls. Side note, I could spend DAYS in this section! I’m always so amazed by the great brands you can find as well! On this trip I picked-up these nutrient masks. They are easy, clean and get the job done. Simply take them out of the package, unfold the mask and place it on your skin for 20 minutes – it’s the perfect remedy to clearing those pre-holiday stressors.Take the stress out of the holidays with Marshalls and silk pajamas

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