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Blogger Mary Krosnjar wearing H&M Rust Satin Skirt and white oversized blouseThis fall, I have to admit, I’ve been super hungry for all the recent fashion trends, but have been addicted to two in particular – the color rust and satin skirts, together or separately. There is something so relaxed, yet refined about a satin skirt – they are so simple to dress up or down for just about any occasion, oh and, it feels like you are wearing butter. This Rust Satin Skirt had me at hello – the fabric looks and feels so luxe, but the color is what dreams are made of. What won me over was the wave-like movement of the skirt and how it emulates liquid gold…ok I’m snapping out of my day dream….

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H&M Rust Satin Skirt and Ann Taylor Satin Sandals
Blogger Mary Krosnjar styling Rust Satin Skirt with Ann Taylor Satin Sandals


Bell Sleeve Blouse – This blouse is all sorts of perfect! It’s a steal at under $40, but dresses up or down with ease!

Rust Satin Skirt – The movement of this skirt speaks for itself – oh and the color is just everything!

Yellow Satin Sandals – A great shoe that I’ve been wearing through Fall!

Foley & Corina Bag – The perfect LBB for any occasion.

Cat Eye Sunglasses – Everyone needs a pair of cat eye sunnies in their collection.

H&M White Oversized Blouse and Foley and Corina Black Bag
Rust Satin Skirt and Chicago Fashion Blogger

This fall I have been ALL at the Satin Skirt Trend and this Rust Satin Skirt just fills every one of those dreams. Again, another shopping trip to H&M (see Monday’s H&M look) where I struck gold, or rust in this instance. I’ve been really board of wearing the same old corporate black pant to work and really wanted something to switch up my every day drab. Enter Rust Satin Skirt…

The purchase of this skirt was made on one of the H&M impulse shopping days – it was later that I started to panic that this was going to be one of those pieces that would just collect dust in my closet. Not exactly. What I love about this trend is that it’s super easy to dress – style the skirt like I did in this post, or maybe with a turtleneck (here) (yes they are in) or a v-neck oversized sweater (here). Three ways to style the skirt till Sunday – voila!

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Blogger Mary Krosnjar styling H&M Rust Satin Skirt
H&M Rust Satin Skirt and H&M white oversized blouse

Photography by Iron and Honey

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Bell Sleeve Blouse | Rust Satin Skirt | Yellow Satin Sandals | Foley & Corina Bag | Cat Eye Sunglasses


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