My Favorite Ab Exercises

Hello friends! I has been a minute! This past month I have done a bit of reflecting and taking some time off from writing content! With working full-time, coaching, blogging, being a good friend and wife on my plate, I had to reprioritize my efforts. BUT they will shift again soon once coaching drops off my plate, I’ll then have more time to focus on writing and building content for Sportsanista. With that, I thank you for your patience!


That being said, I wanted to introduce a new content thread that I will look to focus on more regularly, my workouts. If you have been following along for some time, you’ll know that a few years ago I changed my outlook on working out and fitness in general, and created a new plan that worked for me. A plan that helped me fall in love with being in the gym all over again! You can read my full fitness journey post here. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite ab exercises that you can incorporate in your next workout or to use a go-to ab circuit.


  • 20 Bent Leg Jackknives
  • 20 Obliques (10 per side)
  • 45 second Incline Plank
  • 20 Single Leg Ab Bike (10 per side)
  • 15 Straight Leg Jackknife with Bosu Ball

s h o p    t h e    p o s t 

beach riot top | beach riot pants | mat | bosu ball | dumbells

1. BENT LEG JACKKNIFE (probably one of my FAVORITE and most effective exercises)

(equipment needed: mat)

Bend your knees into your chest while pressing your arms down into a crunch. Next, extend your arms and legs. That is one full rep!


(equipment needed: heavy dumbbell)

Grab a heavier weight (15+). Make sure your body is square the front and you have one hand holding the weight and your other hand is behind your head for support. Drive the arm with the weight down your leg and coming back up. That is one rep.

Sharing my favorite ab exercises
Sharing my favorite ab exercises, the best oblique exercise


(equipment needed: mat and bosu ball)

Blogger Mary Krosnjar sharing favorite ab exercises


(equipment: mat)

Similar to an ab bike exercise, place your hands behind your head and lift your legs to a 45 degree angle. From there bring right knee and while crunching your left elbow to your knee. Extend the right leg out and reset. That is one rep.

Sharing my favorite ab exercises
Blogger Mary Krosnjar sharing favorite workout tips


(equipment: mat and bosu ball or one dumbbell)

Lay flat on the mat starting with your toes pointed to the ceiling and the bosu ball in your hands running parallel to your legs. Open your legs and your arms straight out. That is one rep. When you come back to step one, transfer to ball to between your feet. With each rep, switch the ball from your feet to hands.

My favorite ab exercises

Photography by Caitlyn Nikula

s h o p    t h e    p o s t 

beach riot top | beach riot pants | mat | bosu ball | dumbells


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