Knot Back Dress and My NYFW Experience

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Knot back dress and NYFW experience, Chicago Fashion Blogger
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Sorry friends for the delay in todays post! It’s been one of those weeks where I have been fighting a cold off and am in bed by 9pm every night with zero energy to put a post together! Today I’m back with a new post on this BEAUTIFUL day in Chicago – it’s 70’s!!! Summer doesn’t want to leave and I’m ok with that! Today I’m sharing an old post, again sorry for the delay, from New York Fashion Week! I got so caught up in Fall fashion that I forgot to post this look! New York Fashion Week was a crazy DAY for me! I flew to NYC for 20 hours and was back at work the next day at a meeting at 8am 🙂 Todays looks is all about this knot back dress and my NYFW experience!

Knot Back Dress and Chicago Fashion BloggerI found myself in New York for one show and a really good party 🙂 For me, I wanted to go and take it all in, even if it was for 20 hours, catch-up with some blogger friends I wouldn’t see otherwise and make some great contacts! Aside from that I got to catch-up with some friends who live in NYC as well! I love the energy that NYC has – this is going to sound so cheesy, but it pulses through the street. Just don’t take deep breaths, because it still stinks like garbage 🙂

Knot Back Dress and Chicago Fashion Blogger
Knot back dress and Chicago Fashion Blogger

Of course when going to NYFW you want something that will separate you from the rest so I went shopping at a local boutique in Chicago. There is this store the The Han in Chicago and they have some really great unique pieces that are inspired by Korean fashion! This knot back dress was so unique, I had to have it! The back speaks for itself! It was such an easy dress to take from show to meeting to event! This knot back dress and my NYFW experience was one to remember! I can’t wait to go back next season! Check out the other look I wore while in NY here.

Photography by Ali Stone

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