Grey Bell Sleeve Oversized Sweater

Blogger Mary Krosnjar wearing Grey Bell Sleeve Oversized SweaterFriday, I missed you. I’m so happy to see you and SOOOO ready for the weekend! The temps have started to drop again in Chicago – I knew it was too good to be true. Admittedly, I kept all my coats in storage until about a week ago. I wore one the other day to work and it looked like someone put it in their mouth and spit it out – girls needs a steamer. Sure being warm is a priority, but I’m always looking for sweaters with a little bit of personality. This Grey Bell Sleeve Oversized Sweater is a must have in your closet and for $25 you cant say no!!

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Blogger Mary Krosnjar wearing Grey Bell Sleeve Oversized Sweater and faux leather skirt
Marc Fisher booties and Grey Bell Sleeve Oversized Sweater

Fluted Sleeve Sweater – A great sweater with some personality – these sleeves are the best!

 Faux Leather Pencil Skirt – Really great skirt that pairs well with everything – tights included 🙂

Leather Booties – You know that I can’t live without these shoes. I wear them ALL the time!

 Crossbody with Tassels – One of my best finds from Marshalls!

Crossbody with tassels and Grey Bell Sleeve Oversized SweaterI don’t like sweaters that break the bank – that doesn’t make sense to me. I need a good sweater that can get the job done with a little personality on the side. One of the biggest trends we are seeing right now, and have been, are flutter sleeves! Today I bought two sweaters from the Who What Wear collection at Target that had fluted sleeves. They had a gorgeous blazer that also have fluted sleeves!

This Grey Bell Sleeve Oversized Sweater is quickly becoming one of my closet favorites. The knit isn’t too thick – so it’s got some breathing room. I literally sweat no matter how hot or cold – gross I know. The fluted sleeves are such a fun addition to the sweater! It’s definitely giving me jazz hands right?

Blogger mary Krosnjar wearing Grey Bell Sleeve Oversized Sweater and faux leather skirt
Blogger Mary Krosnjar wearing faux leather skirt and marc fisher booties
This sweater was the perfect pairing for this faux leather pencil skirt! The pockets, of course, are an absolute must and gives the skirt a casual edge. Ok, so these Marc Fisher boots I haven’t taken off sine I bought them – sorry now for posting them ALL the time, but I have more posts with them coming. Here are some more fluted sleeve tops to distract you…..Happy weekend!

Shop my favorite fluted sleeves pieces here:

Faux Leather skirt and Marc Fisher Booties
Blogger Mary Krosnjar and Grey Bell Sleeve Oversized Sweater

Photography by Iron and Honey

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Fluted Sleeve Sweater | Faux Leather Pencil Skirt

Leather Booties | Crossbody with Tassels



2 thoughts on “Grey Bell Sleeve Oversized Sweater”

  1. This sweater looks great on you! Do you think it’s too baggy, or it is a good oversized fit? I hate that it’s ‘one size’

    Also, I love The Who what wear collection! Great prints, can’t wait to see what you picked up!

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