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My favorite part about the New Year, is that everyone has the ability to click the reset button and start fresh! It’s a great opportunity to not only start a juice cleanse, but to cleanse other things like your closet and cluttered bathroom cabinet. Are you guilty of just accumulating products for no reason – how about forgetting that they are even there! Im so guilty of buying in to something, thinking I need it, and then forgetting about it! Raise your hand if that is you – you know it is! I also love recharging my January workouts with some fresh new activewear. Todays post is all about that special surprised feeling you get when finding that fabulous fitness-wear from Marshalls.

I love a fresh new start with anything, but there is nothing more that gets my workouts charged than some fresh new gear! Marshalls ALWAYS has my back in that department. I’m always looking for new ways to amp up activewear and finding pieces that have function and fashion. As someone on the constant go, I need activewear that can get me from day to night, from gym to meeting if I need it to. As I was scouring through the racks at Marshalls, I found SOOOO many fun pieces and discovered some new brands along the way!

Find Versatile Activewear

These patterned pants with mesh bottoms have all the personality I need and want in a activewear pant! I mean come on? Even if you aren’t one for color, it’s certainly an item you’d pick up and look at  🙂 These are actually Free People, for only $39.99, a brand I had no idea that made activewear – who doesn’t like finding those little surprises at Marshalls!

As my workouts are always on the go, I need some layering pieces to take my look from activewear to every day. Obviously this crop top, a $14.99 steal, is a must for any workout – any time you add faux leather to activewear, I’m there waiting in line to buy it! I then found this ADORABLE sweatshirt, that was $19.99, that has removable sleeves that are held together by rose gold zippers. Need I say more? This is one of those pieces that can be easily worn with activewear, like styled here, and then styled with jeans and some loafers for a great travel wear look! Boom!

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Refresh Your Beauty Routine

I don’t know what it is about January, but I go through this HUGE purging phase in my home and throw away anything I haven’t used in over a year and donated old clothes from my closet! There is no better feeling that shedding all that junk or unused clothes – I’m really trying to focus on a more minimalist approach on life. Anyone else?

This year, instead of buying products based on the packaging, name and marketing ploy, I’m buying products based on a need that I have. As I crawl further in to my 30’s, I’m more and more conscious of eye wrinkles, how I’m treating my hair and what I’m putting in my body.

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While I’m Marshalls looking for some activewear, I head over to the beauty aisle and just chilled there for a cool hour. Anyone else feel like time stops when you are walking through those aisles? I feel the need to pick up every product and read it – I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, what can I say!

Something I’ve always wanted to try is collagen powder. There are so many benefits to consuming collagen every day and it’s a great way to support collagen production in your body. Trust me, when you hit 30, that becomes part of your vocabulary quite quickly. I add it to my coffee, water or smoothie each morning – it’s a really easy and no fuss! I bought one for work and one for home!Vitamin C isn’t just for drinking, but you can wear it! These Vitamin C eye treatments are a great way to wake-up those dark circles and keep them at bay! A pack of 5 is $5.99 at Marshalls! If you can’t find the time to use them, I always through them on before I head in the shower – it’s a great way to cool off that morning face!

Photography by Iron and Honey

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