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Valentine’s Day Ideas

Happy Monday and Happy Super Bowl hangover day! To make things easy, for everyone, I’m sharing some of my favorite Valentine’s Days gifts today. If you shopped earlier, good for you – if you didn’t, this will help you pick something perfect for your best gal or your best friend!

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Love Letters

Valentine’s Day isn’t one of those days to rub your relationship in all the single lovers faces. No. Thats not nice – rather, it’s a day to share with anyone (friend, family, lover) that you love them because Hallmark says so. To be honest, Brian and I don’t really use Valentine’s Day to say I love you or to buy gifts, but we use it as a day to reflect and stare at all of those on their first date 🙂  We like going back to eat dinner at this hole in the wall Italian place in Chicago where we spent out first Valentine’s Day. We then cap the night off with some Pabst in a can from Richard’s Bar (one of THE best dive bars there is). This day is more about my girlfriends – I love sending them all little gifts as a reminder that I value them and our friendship. Each year I try to think of something fun and gimmicky – something they would appreciate and make them smile 🙂 Today I’m sharing some easy DIY Valentines Gifts that will make your friends feel extra special!

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Monogrammed Note Pad Holder  | Monogramed Pencil Jar Monogrammed Letter Holder | Pink Pens | Pink Straws | Dress: SheIn | Shoes: Nordstrom

Plaid, Feather and Peplums

Hello friends! Happy Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays! Today I’m sharing a quick holiday look inspired by all things plaid, peplumed and feathered! I love the glitz of holiday fashion with reds, golds, sequins, feathers, etc – it’s like every outfit is a party! I love nothing more than reveling in the spirit of the holiday season – I’m a sucker for all things Christmas!!

Brian and I have safely landed in L.A. and are enjoying the unseasonably cold weather 🙂 As Chicagoans you are forever cursed no matter where you travel with cold weather – funny enough it’s warmer in Chicago! Such is life! At least the grass is green, flowers are blooming and there are leaves on the trees – it’s the little things in life..


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Top: T+J Designs | Skirt: T+J Designs | Shoes: Just Fab | Lip Color: Stila – Beso