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Body Fit Anti Cellulite Contouring Expert

With our wedding just four months away, and the fact that I'm crawling further and further away from my early 30's, I've got fitness on my mind 24/ 7. I've been filling my weeks with different workouts from bar, to spin, to ballet, to pilates - I'm not just thinking about the immediate future, but the long-term as well. For me, work outs don't end when the class is over - taking care of your body goes deeper than a couple lounges. These days what you eat and products you use, can impact just as much as a workout. Body fit is that extra step in your fitness routine that you never knew you needed. Clarins has developed a new and advanced cream-gel formula that helps visibly reduce that stubborn cellulite - you know, the kind that just won't leave you along. Body Fit Anti Cellulite Contouring Expert by Clarins helps skin look firmer, smoother and more lifted in just a few weeks - it's a workout in a bottle!

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Claris Body Fit c/o

OnGossamer Underwire Push-Up Sports Bra

Does anyone else feel like the week has just cruised on by? Today is one of those days where I walked in to work thinking it was Wednesday, but nope, its Thursday :) Thats good that the week has flown by, but um, I need it to slow down a hair! I work a full-time job in the sports industry and have a full-time blog, AND both jobs are pretty demanding. I work across three different timezones and am constantly on the go answering emails and headed to meetings. For me, getting a workout in isn't the easiest thing at times - it either has to happen really early in the morning or really late at night. If I'm lucky, I'll sneak one in during lunch! With a demanding schedule and always on-the-go, I need everything else in my life to follow suit. The OnGossamer Underwire Push-Up Sports Bra is THE perfect bra-meets-sports bra combo that is easy to wear to work and then to workout with no fuss!

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Popsugar Two Week Workout

So it's officially two weeks in to the New Year - how are we doing with our New Years Resolutions? We have kept them up? Ill tell ya - it's hard!!! After the first week you feel like you have a good groove going and then life happens, you make plans with friends, etc. The next thing you know, it's February and all that time has past. You know what? That's ok! Today' I'm going to share a fun workout plan, that's two weeks long and doesn't require you to go to the gym. Just like everything else in our lives, working out should be convenient too right? The Popsugar Two Week Workout is full proof, easy to do, easy to complete and guaranteed to make you feel great afterwards!

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