Black Lace Cut Out Blouse

Lace cut out blouse and work fashion ideas

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Coat: Olive Trench Coat | Top: Lace Cut Out Blouse

Pants: Kick Flare Cropped Pants | Shoes: Suede Ankle Booties

Lace Cut Out Blouse and Olive Trench Coat
Lace Cut out Blouse and Chicago Fashion Blogger
Sooooooo does anyone else feel like they have blinked and it was mid-November?! I mean is it me or is this Fall just cruising by? My mind is blown that it’s Thanksgiving next week – ah! This weekend Brian and I are going on a mini-trip abroad to enjoy some quiet time before the craziness of the holidays. Stayed tuned as I’m going to try my hardest and post on Instastories while not being super awkward…I promise. Today’s look is all about super functional work wear fashion!

I LOVE keeping versatile pieces in my closet that can be worn for several occasions. For me, I don’t like shopping for “work clothes”, but more or less finding pieces that can be worn to work as well as every day. This gorgeous black lace cut out blouse (under $25) is a great piece that can be worn for every day or for work – more clothes in your closet and money in your pocket.

Kick Flare Cropped Pants and Suede Ankle BootiesThis Fall I have been on a mission to edit my closet and make my wardrobe simple. I used to over complicate things and buy more than I need and more than I’d ever wear! As I creep in to my 30’s, I find myself steering clear of color – there is no need to call attention to myself any longer. Today I gravitate more towards a neutral color palette and clean / sleek lines. I’m constantly inspired by Parisian chic and how effortless it is – less is more and more is…just don’t do it. 

Lace Cut out blouse and Chicago Fashion blogger
Suede Ankle Booties and Faux leather bag with gold handles
Inspired by all things Parisian chic, I chose a simple color palate….black. Honestly, when I was a kid, I remember dress shopping with my mom and saleswomen asking me what my favorite color was. My reply? Black. It’s a timeless color that can be worn in any situation so why not have lots of it!

I styled this killer (and super affordable) black lace cut out blouse with these kick flare cropped pants. I used to be seriously allergic to cropped pants, because I’m not tall. I never even tried them on knowing how silly I’d look, but I found a way to make it all work – these suede ankle booties! I’m short, you can’t deny that, but when the pants and the shoes blend in to one another the left keeps going for days!  

Fall Fashion Ideas and Chicago Fashion Blogger
Olive trench coat and Chicago Fashion Blogger

Photography by Iron and Honey

Shop the LOOK:

Coat: Olive Trench Coat | Top: Lace Cut Out Blouse

Pants: Kick Flare Cropped Pants | Shoes: Suede Ankle Booties



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