10 Minute Beauty Routine with Clarins

Blogger Mary Krosnjar and her 10 Minute Beauty Routine with Clarins Phew! That’s it folks – it’s Friday! We made it! That was the fastest slowest week on record – does that make sense, because it does to me! This week was one of those go-go-go weeks where you forget to stand up from your desk, drink water, eat lunch, all of the above. My alarm starts barking fairly early in the morning and I quickly answer all my emails with my UK colleagues from bed. By the time I finish that I have between 20 – 30 minutes to get ready for work – that includes a shower and getting dressed!  As you can image, that leaves little time to painting my face, and I NEED to paint my face before work! Today I’m sharing my 10 minute beauty routine with Clarins and how six easy products can transform your morning!

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Blogger Mary Krosnjar using Clarins Primer for 10 minute beauty routine
Blogger Mary Krosnjar sharing favorite beauty tips

Contour Palette – Ok, I am NO contouring expert, but when you give me a paint by numbers, I will succeed!

Mascara – I’m a mascara junkie and I love this Clarins mascara for how light it is! You still get a dramatic eye, but lets clumpy!

Highlighter – You need this. We all need this. It’s the last step of my make-up routine – I go around my eyebrows, eyes and lips!

Lip Gloss – This is a super smooth lip color – no sticky lip gloss here. The color is super sweet and neutral.

 Smooth Perfecting Touch – This is Gods gift to make-up. It’s the perfect primer and smooths all out skin in prep for make-up!

Eyeliner – Remember that push pen you had in school that had 5 different colors? This is the same thing but for make-up!

Blogger Mary Krosnjar sharing tips on how to make-up contourListen, from one working person to another, I know it’s hard to find an easy solution to getting ready in the morning, but no one wants to spend more time on it than they need to! This 10 minute beauty routine with Clarins, will truly be the answer to all your morning face problems – promise!


If someone tells you they don’t wear or need primer, they are lying. This Instant Smoothing Perfecting Touch primer by Clarins is a gift from the heavens! It’s really important to create a smooth and clean canvas on your skin before applying foundation, or anything else for that matter. Consider it something that builds a clean slate on your face! Did I mention that it helps smooth lines, wrinkles and poors? Winning!Blogger Mary Krosnjar and her 10 Minute Beauty Routine with Clarins


I feel like when we see these words, people freak out, they get nervous that they need to be a skilled make-up artist and have all these expensive make-up products! This Face Conturing Palette from Clarins has figure out a way to do contouring for dummies (i.e. ME!). I’ve always wanted to try contouring, but just never had the time to do research, get products, etc. This product has it all in one AND it comes with a cheat sheet! The “paint by numbers” cheat sheet really makes contouring easy and helps guide you so it’s a fast, and less frightening, process!

This Clarins highlighter is a must have and is one that won’t break the bank! Highlighting should be an essential part of your process – I use it everyday from the inner corner of my eye to my dark circles to brightening that area up! I outline my eyebrows to enhance the beautiful work I’ve done to them 🙂 Finally, I’ll outline my lips to cover-up any lipstick messes and to give the lip sharp clean lines.
Blogger Mary Krosnjar and Clarins Mascara


Now that your skin has been prepped, contoured and highlighted you are in the home stretch with your 10 minute routine! The final few details are easy and take less than five minutes combined! Depending on the day, and how much time I have left 🙂 This 4 color All-In-One pen is magic!! Do you remember those pens from grade school? You could write in a different color for every class – I mean…the best! Well this pen functions in the same way – the four colors are also multifunction. Use the brown color for your eyebrows, black for the liner and blue for your lip liner…so many options!

You can never go wrong with a good mascara – I have been hunting for the holy grail of mascaras for a long time now. I love this mascara and how it give me a full drama lash without the clump! More plump, less clump – thats my moto these days!

Blogger Mary Krosnjar and 10 Minute Beauty Routine with Clarins

10 Minute Beauty Routine with Clarins and easy beauty morning routine
For you final touches, add a light or bold lip. I love a good neutral lip to pair with my clean day look – it’s really easy to wear during the day and on the weekend. This Instant Light Natural Lip Color is a great gloss without all the sticky mess! In this post I’m wearing the shade called ROSE SHIMMER – it’s a classic color that pairs well with all skin tones and adds great tint with some 3-D shine!

Thanks to Clarins for sponsoring this post!

Photography by Iron & Honey

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